Nature Trail Runners

A running club with weekly Group Runs in Aurora, IL., Montgomery, IL. and Oswego, IL.


Who can join?

Pretty much anyone! Beginners to Advanced are welcome. Young runners are welcome with an adult.

I have never run, is that O.K.?

It is O.K.! Please contact the Run Leader before joining a group run so they can be prepared to work with you. Also, we highly recommend that you check out our Resources page and start the Run/Walk program as soon as possible. Also, make sure to check with your physician to make sure running is right for you.

Can I do a Run/Walk?

No problem! On the longer runs, you will be given the option of a shorter route so that you can finish close to the same time as the runners. It is recommended you choose the shorter option as the Run Leader cannot go home until all runners are back. After a few weeks, you should be ready to run the whole time!

What should I bring?

Water! A lot of the trails we run on do not have water easily available. For the shorter runs, you may not need it while you run, but you will want it after. Also good ideas are sunscreen, a small towel for after, a change of clothes/shoes for muddy/rainy runs, a small first aid kit in case of scrapes, ect…

Where do you run?

We run a variety of routes in Montgomery, Oswego, Aurora, and sometimes Naperville. See our Group Runs Schedule page to find out where we are running this month.

When do you have Group Runs?

See our Group Runs Schedule page for that information.

Do you have Pace Leaders?

Currently we do not. As the club grows, we will add them when available. For right now, an effort will be made to group people of similar paces up at the start of the run, but the groups could have a pace variance of up to a minute. This will provide you with an opportunity to either push yourself and run that 9:40 instead of 10:00, or give you a nice ‘rest’ run at a slower pace. You are also welcome to run singly if you prefer.

How long are your Group Runs?

Right now most runs range from 2.6 miles to 5 miles. Sunday runs are longer, with the route being commonly being 6-10 miles and increasing in distance during Fall marathon season. You are welcome to join the Sunday long runs even if you only want to run a few miles though as some people go 10 miles but some people only go 3-5 miles.

Does it cost anything to join?

Nope! There is no membership fee and all Group Runs are currently free. If we did a social event (ie:BBQ, eating out) there may be some cost involved. However, special programs may require a small fee usually around $1.00-$3.00 each time you attend. This is to cover the cost or things like handouts and the extra time the run leader takes to prepare the program.

Do I have to be a member to run with you?

No, you do not have to be an official member for the Group Runs and you are welcome to come to as many or few as you would like. However, it is encouraged that you become a member so you can get any important updates like cancellations or new events.

How do I become a member?

Joining our Facebook Group  and our Meetup Group is the best way. It allows me to easily send out group messages and invites, and gives you the opportunity to connect with the other members. Having support is one of the best ways to stick with a running plan!

I can’t make it to any Group Runs. Will you be adding more?

Right now we are just gearing up for our Spring/Summer  schedule where we run on more days of the week. We also may add short-term programs from time to time. If you would like to set up an informal group run, you can start a discussion on our Facebook page. Many members like to setup impromptu runs.

How can I become a Run Leader?

Being a Run Leader is a great way to make sure we have Group Runs when you want to run! Just email Ellen at or speak to me at a run. You must commit to leading at least one run a week, at least 3 times a month, for at least 6 weeks.(barring vacations, ect…) You should have a solid running background and be able to stay after your run until all runners have come back.

Do you have any training programs?

Right now we do not. If you are interested in training programs I can direct you to some. We are discussing the possibility of adding a Walk-to-run and other training programs for Spring/Summer of 2015.


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