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That first race in Spring

It has been another character building winter of running. But after a while, the single digit temperature runs and those in 10+ inches of snow (Kelly and Jonathan, remember this one?), the frozen water bottles and the hardened blox, the snotty wristbands and the tearful eyes, the frosty cheeks and the blistered feet, all these fascinating but painful traits of winter running start to weigh you down. And when there is light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to leap up and rejoice. Rejuvenation is here!

The thaw has arrived and the high snowbanks have shrunk down like butter in the heat within a few days.  The un-runnable trails have opened up again and even the casual runners have come out of their winter hibernation to grace the beautiful landscapes with their strides.  The running stores are buzzing with activity and the new shoe models are competing for attention bombarding us with ads galore. And… that first spring race is upon me almost unnoticed.

Perfect timing I say. I have so much to look forward to. The biggest is that I can run the race at a perfect temperature with 1 or maybe 2 layers at the max. Those winter runs with 4 and sometimes 5 layers (some of them thick fleece) were indeed brutal. During those runs, it seemed like I was back to my pre-running body weight, lugging an extra 20 lbs around.  Good riddance to that extra baggage. Secondly, it’ll be great to actually race again..  put a bulls-eye on someone and go get ‘em, kick out that last mile to beat out the footsteps behind you and compete with intensity. Those winter runs were all about getting the miles in…who cared about pace and speed! And finally, my medal rack is looking forlorn with no new entries for some months. Well, it’ll be good to see some shiny new bling on the mantle.

Lt Bill Kilgore, sorry for misusing your quote, but this is apt for the occasion – ‘I love the smell of that first race in Spring’ J. The racing season is finally here!

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