Nature Trail Runners

A running club with weekly Group Runs in Aurora, IL., Montgomery, IL. and Oswego, IL.

Yearly Donation Call-Out


***Important Announcement, Please read in full***

It is time for our once-a-year Call For Donations!

While we do not charge to participate in our club, there are are number of costs associated with running it. So once a year we make a call-out for donations to ensure the club will be able to meet it’s costs through the next year. Many of you have been kind enough to ask recently how to support the club; this is your chance.

All donations will go towards club costs and ensuring that our 3rd year together is the best yet. Some specific things the monies raised will cover are-

Meetup fees (The Meetup site costs $144/ year minimum.)
Business card printing (Need cards to pass out? Just message me!)
Paper, ink, and other supplies for printing and distributing Club Flyers
Having a booth at the Montgomery River Run ($35)

Those are examples of the bare-bones stuff, but if we bring in enough enough donations we can go forward with bigger and better things like renting pavilions for a event, having more structured programs like the Intro to Trail Running or Hill and Drills, upgrading the website, setting up booths at more races, ect…


Suggested donation is $5-$20. Even just $5 helps a lot. I would prefer to receive donations through PAYPAL; the account is-

Cash and Check donations can also be accepted if you don’t use Paypal. They can be dropped off to myself(Ellen) or to Harish Pai​ at any of our runs. Please make Checks payable to Ellen Willard.

The Call for Donations will run for until April 14th, at which time I’ll give a full accounting of what we brought in. I’ll also give updates every few days and recognize the members that donate. If you don’t want to be recognized, please make sure to tell me to keep your donation anonymous.
I want to thank everyone in advance. It’s really your non-monetary support that keeps the club going; all the times you show up for runners and help cheer each other on through training and races, but being able to afford things like Meetup make it a lot easier to connect and we greatly appreciate your giving to help make the club better for everyone!


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