Nature Trail Runners

A running club with weekly Group Runs in Aurora, IL., Montgomery, IL. and Oswego, IL.

Intro to Trail Running Class

***Save the Dates(s)!***

In June I will be leading a 4 week “Intro to Trail Running Class”. While June is a ways off, I want to give everyone a heads up and some of the basic details so you can plan ahead if you are interested.

This class will primarily be for people who are new to trail running but will be open to everyone. We will run on a different trail each week progressing from easy mown-grass trails to technical trails with rugged terrain. All runs will be done within 30 min of Montgomery but if the class has good attendance, we will do a bonus 5th class somewhere special and make a half-day/day trip out of it.

It will be more of a ‘class’ format, not just a fun run. I’ll talk about technique, etiquette, and safety and we’ll do special drills and stretches that will help you make the most of trail running. We will average 30 min of actual running and 30 min of other stuff in each hour long class.

Pace, slow or fast, will not matter as I will use some techniques to keep the group together while letting everyone get in a good run at their level.

Classes will meet Monday Evenings at 7pm and locations will be posted on Meetup well in advance so you can be ready to come out to each location.

If you have never run on anything rougher then crushed limestone, if you’ve tried trail running but struggled with it, or if you just want to become better at trail running, then you will really enjoy this class!

Got any questions? Have any particular subjects or areas you’d like to see covered in the class? Comment on the thread at our Facebook page!


2 comments on “Intro to Trail Running Class

  1. Mary Leal
    April 27, 2016

    I haven’t ran in some time and would love to be part of a group that can motivate me and keep me going. I’m new to running and will be at the end of the pack but I need to start somewhere! Please keep me posted.

    • rckmtl
      April 27, 2016

      Hi Mary. This post is actually from last year and we are not doing the class this year. However, we do have runs on Sat and Sun. The Sat run might be better for a beginner because they do a trail around a lake that has short loops. Please find our group on Facebook, “Nature Trail Runners”, and after I approve you to join the group, you can message Christie Mason to get more info about the run as she is the leader for it. Hope to see you out soon!

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