Nature Trail Runners

A running club with weekly Group Runs in Aurora, IL., Montgomery, IL. and Oswego, IL.

For all of us who run at a 10:00min/mile pace or slower


Did you know that you actually make up the majority of our group? For every ONE member you see with a speedy marathon time, there are FIVE of you who do great workouts at a 10min, 11min, 12min or slower per mile pace?

Every month I get a couple of messages from runners who want to join us, but are worried they will hold the group run up. To anyone who has sent out a message like that, or feels like that person, I want to say; Come join us! You won’t be holding the group up; you ARE the group!

Speed doesn’t play any importance for our club in whether or not a person has a good run, a good workout, is getting in shape, or is losing weight. What matters is that you put in a good effort for you, personally, and that you got to enjoy your run with friends who will motivate you to keep coming out…instead of missing runs for all those little excuses we make up when no one is waiting for us to show up.

We have dozens, if not hundreds, of members who run at a 10:00min/mile pace or higher. Start joining us for runs and very soon you will find that you will be right in the middle of the biggest part of the group!

You are welcome at any of our runs, but I particularly invite you to the Wed evening run which I lead. (full details in link below) Starting April 1st it will meet at the Prisco Community center and we will run along the scenic Fox river. The path is shady and will be nice and cool through Spring. It’s a simple Out-n-Back so there’ll be no worries about getting lost or left behind.

I’m looking forward to seeing lots of new and old faces next Wednesday! Please comment below with any questions.


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