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A running club with weekly Group Runs in Aurora, IL., Montgomery, IL. and Oswego, IL.

Thursday Nights Start Again In March!

Soooo…. Guess what is happening soon. Need a hint? It happens every year(in IL anyways), but this year I am extra happy for it. Ok, enough guessing. In March, the time change will happen and we will finally start getting enough light to easily run in the evenings! Warmer weather will help too.

Here’s how it will work. We will have runs most Thursday evenings with three different ways for you to join us.

fox river trail 2

#1- Andy’s Run

Andy will resume leading group runs on March 14th. His runs will be at 6:30pm out at Green Valley in Naperville. Visit our Meetup Page for directions and specific details. This run will have one off week each month so make sure to check the Meetup calender to ensure the run is happening the week you want to go. If anyone would like to volunteer to help lead the run on Andy’s week off, please email me at or message me(Ellen) on Facebook.

These Green Valley runs are actually co-runs with the Bolingbrook Fun Run Club. Some of them will join us at 6:30 so the group should get pretty big. Also, if you are a newer runner, or just want to run slow one day, the BFRC will be having their ‘Turtle Run’ at Green Valley on Thursdays at 5:30pm. So you are welcome to attend either or both times.


#2- Thursday Night Speed Club 6:30pm at Dick Pond Athletics, St. Charles

Thursday Night Speed Club is a one-hour (including warm-up/cool-down) speedwork session hosted by Dick Pond Athletics in St. Charles and led by Denise Hefferin, a highly experienced runner and track coach. Visit our Meetup Page for specific details. These will start March 21st, weather permitting. I will be attending most of these.

You will log your results during the speedwork sessions and will be able to track your progress.

Speedwork is only recommended for runners with a solid base who are running around 20 miles a week(or more) and have been doing so for at least 6 months. You also should be in good health and not be recovering from any injuries.

If you do not have a solid base and would like to still come out, you are welcome to join us but -make sure- that you do the workout at a low intensity; just to get the mileage in, not to work on speed. Speedwork is very taxing on the body and can result in many injuries if you add it to your workouts too soon or too fast.

Check out our Run Leaders page to read Denise’s bio and get to know her a little!

adventure run 1

#3- Thursday Adventure Runs

We will be making the Thursday Adventure Runs hosted by RoadRunner Sports an official club even once again this year. Adventure Runs are a super fun way to run, win prizes, and get to hang out with lots of runners. Last year we won at least 6 pairs of shoes and all sorts of other prizes! They occur the 4th Thursday of every month starting in March and going through November. I’ll be adding them to the Meetup Page soon, but for now you can visit their webpage for more details-

On days that the Adventure Run overlaps with the other runs, here is what will happen- Andy will either cancel his run to join us at the Adventure Run or keep his run going depending on what he wants to do that month. This will be posted on Meetup in advance so you know if his run is canceled or not. However, Speed Club will always be happening, unless it is canceled for other reasons.

thursday adventure run 2012A few last things-

Some of you may be asking “If Thursdays are starting back up, what about the other group runs?”. Indeed, those will also be starting soon. Mostly I am waiting for the weather to get warmer and there to be more light in the evenings but it looks like I will be adding more runs again in April. These will be the runs that I’ll be leading, for the most part.

We could benefit from one more run leader, particularly someone who can lead runs on Saturdays or someone who can lead a. If you are interested, please let me know.( You have a lot of flexibility about when and where you do your run and you only have to commit to 3 weeks out of the month for a 3 month stretch.  You do have to be willing to work with runners who may be slower then you so they are not left alone on the path so when leading a run you should count it as one of your easy/recovery/bonus days and not depend on it for a hard workout.

Here is a tentative idea of what the spring/summer schedule will look like. It is still a work in progress.

MondayMorning, time undecided- Walk to Race program, 30 min

TuesdayMorning, 9:00am- Group Run, Evening, 7:00pm- Group Run

WednesdayEvening, time undecided- Walk to Race program, 30 min followed by ‘Drills and Hills’ program, 45 min

ThursdayMorning, 9:00am- Group Run, Evening, 6:30pm, Andy’s Group Run or Denise’s Speedwork or Adventure Run

Friday– ??? nothing right now

Saturday– ??? nothing right now

SundayMorning 9:00 am- Harish’s Long Group Run

Again, this could change. Stuff could be added or taken away, but it’s what I’m looking at right now.  I’ll have posts detailing what the programs are closer to when they will start and once I am sure I will be running them but they are pretty much what they sound like.

This year we will also be doing something a little different with the group runs, which is to keep them in the same location for a couple months at a time. Last year we would change the location every run, but that made it hard for a lot of people to get out. So this year we will go with static locations for about 2 month blocks and then go somewhere new for the next 2 months and so on. Exceptions are things like the Sunday long run.

This should give us the ability to still get to use all the great trails out there, and not get too bored of a trail, but make it easier to know where to go for a given run.

Looking forward to running with you all!


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