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Viva La Resolution! -by Caroline Tonozzi

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2013-Let’s Do This!

It’s 2013, and time to make your New Year’s resolutions. Many get back to the gym. Some go on a diet. Others sit back and watch football. 2012 was quite a year for me in more ways than one. I wasn’t going to make any resolutions for 2013; I was working my booty off to keep my head above water already. Who needs a resolution to remind you of what you aren’t doing? I had change of heart when my spin instructor said to not try to add a new task, but try to stop doing one thing instead. Because by nature I’m an overachiever, I couldn’t chose just one thing. I made a list of “Things-I-wasn’t-going-to-do-in 2013” resolutions.

1. Stop being so chicken: I want to run a marathon, an ultramarathon (> 26.2 miles for those not in the know), and finish an outdoor, full Olympic-length triathlon. Has anyone ever looked at your like you just sprouted another eye after you tell them? How about a blank stare or a sneer? I’ve gotten all of the above. Non-positive reinforcement can really do a number on a gal. Nike was right. I need to “just do it.” And I will. I continue to build my running base, and I love, love, love cycling. My goal is to get to a 50 miler by the end of the year. Stay tuned.

2. Stop being so mean: Yes, it is always good to reminded to be kind. Those that do not know me may say “what, you are a meanie?” Yes, I can be very mean to myself. Crummy run? Can’t get beyond 3 miles? Skip a workout? Painful? Tired? Shame on me. How dare I not perform at 100% all the time? All I can think is that I fail, fail, fail. I hate to fail. As my best friend Aggie would say “Caroline, you are a person not a machine.” She’s right. I am flesh and blood, tendons, bones, muscle, a few feelings, and all heart. I may not get every single workout in, and I may have to take a few days off to give my drumsticks a rest. That’s not failure, that’s life. I am human, and that’s ok. I need to remind myself of that once in awhile. With that also comes forgiveness, which is sometimes hard to come by from others let alone yourself. So be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for going 5.98 miles rather than the full 6. Take care of your body when it hurts. Rest when it’s needed. Here’s a quote I read to keep myself on track: “Today I am going to rid myself of those thoughts that do not make me strong.”

3. Stop frowning: Smile! It’s hard to hate something that makes you smile. Running makes me smile. I don’t have a shoe contract nor do I make any money from this sport, so I run for myself. I run so that I can smile more, despite the extreme weather, sweat, mud, icky GU, time away from other fun activities/family/sleep. So keep smiling and running, friends.

What have you decided to do this year? Comment below and let us know. I challenge you to do the same as I did. I’ll see you on the trail, smiling, kinder, and just maybe, I’ll be a full-fledged marathoner.

-Caroline Tonozzi



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