Nature Trail Runners

A running club with weekly Group Runs in Aurora, IL., Montgomery, IL. and Oswego, IL.

Donation Tally and Other News

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About a month ago I put out a call for donations to ensure that our club would have access to all the things that have helped it grow into the great club it currently is. You responded very generously and I am happy to report that we received more then enough in donations to take care of all our current needs. Below is a list of those who donated and a sum of the donations. Thank you very much to everyone who donated. It means a lot that you are willing to support this club financially. We look forward to being around to support you in your running endeavors for a long time.



(If I have somehow missed you, please comment below or message me so I can add your name to the list)

Total donations came to $340.00

$150 will be used to take care of Meetup fees for the next year.

$80-$100 will be used for office supplies for the next year. (printer ink, paper, tape, thumbtacks, flyer holders, ect)

$20 will be used for gas and tolls as I attend the RCCA IL State Club Conference this Saturday.

The remainder will be used for things that will help promote the club. Particularly, I am looking into getting business cards printed so members have an easy way to hand out info to friends or co-workers who are interested.

So what’s that about a conference?

I received an invite to this conference hosted by the Road Runners Club of America, which is an organization “dedicated to supporting the growth of grassroots running clubs, training programs, and running events while promoting the common interests of runners throughout the United States”

The conference is supposed to cover topics like the financial and legal responsibilities of running a club, and also topics on insurance and just general idea sharing. I’m hoping to come back with lots of great ideas and a solid knowledge base to keep the club from having any problems as it grows.

Some recaps-

Don’t forget everyone, Andy’s Thursday runs are no longer at Greene Valley and instead will meet here- Summerlin Drive and Conway Lane, Aurora.  There will be no Thursday run on the 22nd because it is Thanksgiving. Many of you are doing Turkey trots; have yourselves a good race! There is also no Thursday run on the 29th because it is the last Adventure Run at Roadrunner Sports.

Sunday Long Runs are now going to have an option for anyone who doesn’t want to run so long, or very fast. Any Sunday run where Ellen is RSVP’ed to come will have a group led by her that will only run for 3-5 miles and at a pace between a 10min/mile and a 12min/mile, depending on who shows up. Tiffany is also coming to an end of her race season so she will be returning to the Sunday runs. This will give us 2-3 different distance/pace groups on most Sundays. Sundays are also a large run, so come on out and join the fun!

Meetup RSVP’s have been going well and we keep drawing in a couple new members every week or so on Meetup. So thank you all for being consistent with that. Feel free to RSVP for a couple weeks in advance; that might be easier then trying to do it every few days and you can always change your mind later. Remember, Meetup does not promote meetups until at least 3 people are rsvp’ed for one so it really helps get the word out when you rsvp. However, don’t ever feel like you can’t come out if you forgot to. We want to see you at any run!


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