Nature Trail Runners

A running club with weekly Group Runs in Aurora, IL., Montgomery, IL. and Oswego, IL.

Did you know we have a Meetup Group?









You probably did not. That is because, until recently, I had not been sure if I was going to continue to use Meetup for our group or not. However, after seeing the site in action for the last few months, I have decided that it will benefit our club to start making full use of it.

I want to strongly encourage everyone to please visit and join our group. You will have to register for Meetup if you are not a member yet, but it is a free and simple registration and will benefit you quite a bit.

How will it benefit you?

You will be able to get an idea of how many other people are coming out to a run.

We are all more likely to strap on those shoes and head out the door if we know there will be a bunch of other people to run with. If we all start using Meetup, and start to RSVP for the runs we plan on joining, we will see an increase in the number of people at each run. Partially, you will encourage your fellow club members to come out when they see that there are five, six, or more people already signed up, and also Meetup gives better promoting to events/groups that have a higher number of members and RSVPs so we will start to draw in new members!

It will never be -mandatory- to RSVP for the regular group runs, so don’t feel like you can’t come out on a whim, but the more we can start RSVP’ing, the more our club will grow. It will also be particularly helpful in wintertime. Once we get into snow season, we may cancel runs that don’t have at least one RSVP by the day of the run. That way no one has to drive out in the snow just to find out they are the only one there.

You will have the option to get email reminders.

We have a lot of runs and other events and I know it can get a little confusing sometimes. With Meetup, you can choose to get an email that will remind you that you’ve RSVP’ed for a run or that a new run has been scheduled. The email will also let you know how many other people are coming or if there are any changes made to the time or such. And if you don’t want the emails, you can change your preferences so you don’t get them.

You can easily learn about new fun things to do.

You can see what other meetups are going on in the area and who in the club is a part of the other groups. You can ask them about how well they liked the other groups and maybe even go to other event with your fellow Nature Trail Runners!

In conclusion, I feel that Meetup will be a very useful tool for everyone in the club. So go ahead, click on that link above, sign up for a few group runs, and let’s start seeing some big groups out there!


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