Nature Trail Runners

A running club with weekly Group Runs in Aurora, IL., Montgomery, IL. and Oswego, IL.

August Recap

Well, as much as I hate to admit it, August has left us behind and we are firmly into September.  August treated us very well though, and if you have not yet been able to join us, you missed out on quite a bit of fun! No worries- more fun is on the way as we get into the Fall racing season, cooler weather, and some new things to try out.

We were joined this month by newcomers Mark, Theresa, Kathleen, Christina, Julia, Chris Davis, Lidia, Amanda, and  Amy. Whew! that was a lot of names. I think there may be a couple more of you that came out for the first time this month and I missed. If so, I apologize; please introduce yourself in the comments. I hope all of you have been enjoying the group.  We have loved your company and are looking forward to continuing to run with you.

Besides running, we had many other good times. Caroline continued our shoe winning streak at the Thursday Adventure Run by winning a pair of Asics shoes at the after-party raffle. So be sure to join us in Sept. on the 27th. Even if you come late, you can still win!

We had a bike ride mid-month that was very enjoyable, despite our bikes protesting at having to do so much work. We went along the Virgil Gilman Trail from Aurora to Sugar Grove. Two bikes decided to break down, but we all made it back in the end! The weather was wonderful and we got to meet some new friends. Besides the six of us from NTR, Mike from some of the other local clubs, and Daisy’s friends Antonia and Eric came out. I’ll be trying to set up one more bike ride while the weather is nice, hopefully many of you will be able to come.

We added some new group runs to the schedule, including a Sunday long run that has been very popular so far. There is a popular idea amongst trail runners who race long (over 26 miles) distances that if you can’t run multiple days a week and keep missing runs and setting back your training, try doing just one run a week, for a long time/distance at an easy pace. So even if you’ve had a bad week and feel ‘behind’ come join us on Sundays for a relaxing easy run and good conversation.

I should be adding a number of posts the next few days and updating things like the races page. You can join the email alerts for this blog on the right sidebar if you want to get alerts. I’ll also try and link updates on Facebook. If you have not yet joined our Facebook group, now is the perfect time-

What did you enjoy about August? What would you like to do in the future?


2 comments on “August Recap

  1. Jake Knaak
    September 5, 2012

    I am really bummed that I missed the bike ride so I am glad to hear that you will be organizing another. My half marathon is this Sunday, so hopefully I will be able to join more fun runs after.

  2. rckmtl
    September 6, 2012

    That is great news. I hope you have an awesome half-marathon! Let us know how it goes.

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