Nature Trail Runners

A running club with weekly Group Runs in Aurora, IL., Montgomery, IL. and Oswego, IL.

July Recap









July has been a great month for Nature Trail Runners! We’ve had great, if  rather hot, runs all over Aurora, Oswego, Montgomery and even Naperville. Our running club has grown with new members and new routes. We’ve added more group runs to the schedule and had a blast at Adventure Runs.

We were joined on runs this month by newcomers Nerey, Gabe, Allen, Karl, Harish, Jim, Caroline, and Velvet. Thank you so much for coming to run with us! I hope you enjoyed the club and will keep joining us. I know the hot weather has discouraged some people but fall will be here before long. (Please forgive me if I spelled a name wrong or left someone out. I’m going by the sign-in log)

We went to two Adventure Runs at Roadrunner Sports. Both were a good time, and at the most recent one some of us even took home some prizes! We’ll be going to the rest of them, so plan on leaving your evenings free on the 4th Thursday of the next couple months.

Keep telling your friends, family, and co-workers about the club. You never know who might be a runner at heart but hasn’t gone out because they have no one to run with.

Below are some photos from the past month or so.  Let us know what your favorite moment was this month! Did you have a particularly good run? What route is your favorite one to run at?


9 comments on “July Recap

  1. Jake Knaak
    August 1, 2012

    The Saw Wee Kee was such a fun run. It was quite challenging and I think thats what I enjoyed about it. Would love to do some different dirt trails in the future!

  2. rckmtl
    August 1, 2012

    And we only did ‘green’ and ‘blue’ trails. There are still ‘red’ and ‘black’ ones to try out!

    • Jake Knaak
      August 1, 2012

      Just watch out for the ‘black diamond’ trails! lol

  3. Andrew Wells
    August 2, 2012

    The best moment for me was at the adventure run when Daisy showed off her psychic ability holding up her winning ticket for the shoes drawing before the final number was read!

    In honor of the Olympics I will do the “Trail Olympics” to determine the regular route trails Gold Silver and Bronze winners. I have run every regular route trail except one. Sorry Mastodon Lakes you are disqualified.

    GOLD – Oakhurst Forest Preserve – This place is incredible it contains heavily forested trails, prairie trails, a lake loop and even a HUGE hill. All that and it is 5 minutes from my house and I never knew about it. Oakhurst Forest Preserve you are good as gold!

    SILVER – Mill and River – This path is really growing on me. Perhaps I am being generous because I enjoyed our group run on this trail last Monday but it is hard to beat running with a view of the Fox River and all the wildlife that lives along it. Congratulations Mill and River you peaked at the right moment for the silver!

    BRONZE – Saw Wee Kee – A unique trail like I have never experienced in the Chicago area. It’s got a bunch of single track super hilly trails. Saw Wee Kee your uniqueness alone gets a third place finish!

    HONORABLE MENTION – Springbrook Prairie – In the Trail Olympics timing is everything and the lack of shade has had made running on this trail pretty brutal for the month of July. For me this is the ideal place to train in spring and fall. Don’t fret Springbrook Prairie you are still the Michael Phelps of trails even if you didn’t win gold this time your legend is secure!

    • Jake Knaak
      August 2, 2012

      Well played!

    • rckmtl
      August 3, 2012

      Excellent ‘Trail Olympics’! Poor Mastodon Lakes though. We will have to get you out there one of these days. We should also have Daisy rub all our tickets before the raffle from now on!

  4. Andrew Wells
    August 3, 2012

    Thanks Jake! Nice runing with you tonight.

    • Jake
      August 3, 2012

      Looking forward to doing it again soon!

  5. Daisy
    August 10, 2012

    Lol yes I will be rubbing all the raffle tickets in exchange for beer tickets at next adventure run lol, too funny !

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