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Oakhurst Forest Preserve is fun!

We had a really good time out at the forest preserve today. Myself, Mike, Andy and Srikanth got to welcome Daisy out to her first run with the group. It was good running with you Daisy!

We also got to enjoy what was probably our most scenic run yet. I’m posting a bunch of photos at the end. You can click on any of them to see a larger version.

We started off with a mile through the woods. It was so nice to be under the cool shade the whole time. Future runs at Oakhurst will work on increasing the distance run in the woods. Only getting one mile under the trees was not enough!

But after the first mile, we did the two mile loop around the lake which is also very nice. Lots of interesting grasses and flowers to look at while you run.

And then the toughest part; going up Oakhurst’s famous hill. We only did it once (well, twice for some of us!). Maybe later in the season we will work up to multiple hills. For today though, it was nice to just sit at the top for a moment and take in the view.

I’m looking forward to many more runs with everyone at Oakhurst Forest Preserve!

(Nice shady woods)

(A gentle path)

(Top of the hill. Doesn’t look so bad here does it?)

(It is totally huge!)

(I guess I should be in some of the photos)

(Taking the easy way back down)


2 comments on “Oakhurst Forest Preserve is fun!

  1. daisy
    June 27, 2012

    Thanks Ellen ! It was great meeting everyone! I plan to make it out on Adventure Run Thursday ! xo

  2. rckmtl
    June 27, 2012

    Great! See you Thursday!

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