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Fun runs at Waubonsie Lake

Yesterday and today we had two very nice runs at Waubonsie lake.  Friday we welcomed back Elizabeth, Delvyn, Andy, and Lorraine. Today we were joined by Jake and Srikanth for their first run with the group. Welcome guys!

We had an interesting sighting; A hawk (photo above, I think it is a hawk) was trying to climb a tree and fell a little bit. We couldn’t tell right then how it was doing so we did our run and checked on it afterwards. It was out of sight in the weeds by then, but another hawk was circling above and calling out to it. Jake, Srikanth, you will be glad to hear that when I called the Willowbrook Wildlife Center they said that if there was another hawk paying it that much attention it was likely a juvenile and a mother or at least not in serious trouble. They also said that as long as there were leaning branches in the area it could climb on it would probably be OK. I stopped back by this afternoon and did not see or hear either of the hawks and there were fallen trees that leaned up against the big trees. So I think our hawk friend will be fine!

Otherwise, the lake is a nice place to run. We saw lots of happy dogs and while the yards of some houses back up to the trail, their yards are quite nicely landscaped providing lovely flowers to look at while you run. Many different types of birds from what we usually see at the river also.

Here are some more photos for you to enjoy! Be sure to tell all your friends about the club and encourage them to join you for a run!


One comment on “Fun runs at Waubonsie Lake

  1. lorrainegould
    June 17, 2012

    Ohhh, sorry I missed that!

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